Recently I took some of the reusable Walmart shopping bags (you know the blue ones that are 50 cents each) and I used my sewing machine to make a seam right down the middle of the bag.  I then took a sharpie and wrote a name on each side of the bag on the front and the back.  So that one side of the bag is labeled on the front and back with the same name.  Then I used a hanger and hung each bag in my closet. 

Now every time that I buy a stocking stuffer for someone, I place it in the bag hanging in my closet.  This way I can keep track of my stocking stuffers and not have to spend hours on Christmas Eve sorting stocking stuffers.  Plus I can get a visual of how much I have purchased.  I keep a written record of what I put in the stockings so that I can keep things equal because I don’t put exactly the same items in each stocking.  But keeping a written record only I tended to buy too much.  Now I see exactly how much I still need or when to stop buying.  Which is pretty much now, lol.

I wanted to share for anyone else that might want to actually enjoy Christmas Eve and not turn into a Grinch stuffing stockings.  I had to use 4 bags for my family.  I had read a suggestion for using just plastic grocery sacks, but you can see through those.  The reusable bags you can’t see through so you preserve the mystery, lol.

Have a wonderful day today!