I have almost all gifts bought or made and most are wrapped too.  I have a few stragglers that are dragging on.  Some I wish were done already, but most I don’t mind continuing to work on. 

My family gets all together on Christmas Eve for a party and this year we are doing a gift exchange (of $5 or less) just for fun. We drew names from a hat and we have to buy for the person whose name that we picked.  At first I was really excited  about the idea.  But then I realized since we have 9 in our home, that works out to an extra $45 in gift money that I have to come up with.  Ouch.  Oh well, the children will have fun (and so will I).  And my husband drew my name.  I am imagining something very romantic from him.  I hope he doesn’t feel pressured, lol!

Let’s see now, I have 9 gifts left to finish making.  You may be thinking that is a lot to still finish, but if you knew how many I have already made you would think that I have been making good time 🙂  Oh wait, I have 10 to finish, lol.  I forgot one. 

While out shopping I used a coupon for $5 off at Hallmark and purchased a coffee mug…..or a cocoa mug 😉  It is really cute and I am honestly having a hard time parting with it.  I haven’t bought myself anything this year during my shopping, I have been really good.  So don’t you think I should be able to keep that much???  I agree, I really think that I should keep the mug.

Well, as my daughter just said, “What!  You have been on that thing forever!”  I had better get back to the real world.

Merrry Christmas!