This morning I woke up feeling so peaceful.  It’s so nice.  This is not always the case.  Some days I wake up feeling frazzled and rushed from the minute my eyes open.  But today I just feel calm.  And that makes Silent Night the perfect Christmas carol for today 🙂

This week I finished some Christmas gifts.  I made 6 of these dolls:

I finished my Bernat Crochet-Along afghan:

I finished these Pinwheel Placemats:

And I made this cute and quick baby toy:

And now I am working on a jingle hat.  I only have a couple more things to make and then I am done with my Christmas gifts 🙂  After I finish my gifts I’m hoping to make some ornaments, a melting snowman decoration and a couple fir trees.  The fir trees might not happen though because that depends on if I can still find any Redheart Holiday yarn in the stores.