Christmas is past….that part is over.� But it isn’t really over.� Celebrating my Saviour can never end 🙂

Today I will take the children to check out the sales.� Some will spend some of their holiday cash and some will hold onto it and save it.� It’s fun to see the different bents that each child has.� And I recieved a gift card for Michaels.� So I will be stopping in there and buying some yarn 🙂

Every year I design printer pages and make my own planner for the year.� This year I am doing something different.� I have changed the way I do my lesson planning (that will be a whole other post), and this year I wanted something really simple and easy for my planner.� So this year I bought the Motivated Moms planner.� I just ordered it today and received a $1 off discount which made it a very affordable $7.� I ordered the full size page per day with Bible readings.� I didn’t feel like the weekly version would give me enough room to jot notes�and write in my own daily do’s.� I think that this will be a nice change.� It has daily chores to do and extra’s for each day so that the extra chores also get done.� There appears to be a rythym to it.� I’ll let you know how I like it after I’ve used it for a month.

Well, my girls are almost dressed and my netbook is about to shut off because I didn’t charge it, lol.� I hope that you all have a wonderful day today!