Do you have a dawdler when you are doing lessons?  I do and her name is Miss Brook.  Well she is my dawdler today, lol.  It changes with my girls taking turns with who just can’t bare to do their lessons.  Today it’s Miss Brook.  So here I sit, having already written out a menu and shopping list while gently prodding her to continue working on her math.  So now I will use this sort of free time to write an entry. 

I am in the midst of writing out a master book by grade subject list and also master lesson plans.  I’m really excited about the master lesson plans because I think they are really going to simplify things for me.  I am writing up plans for each course and printing them out and keeping them in a binder.  Then when the next child goes through the same course I just need to copy the pages.  The lesson plans have a place to record the grades right on them so that they also become my gradebook/records for the child. 

Once I am finished I hope to write a detailed entry about it.  But for now my sweet little dawdler has finished her dawdling and is ready for her next lesson.  And that requires me 🙂

How do you respond to your child when they dawdle during lessons?