I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me the idea of master lesson plans!  They are such a blessing.  I have created a binder for each of my children (including the littlest that is not yet school age).  In these binders I am placing numbered dividers, each number corresponds to a grade level.  My two youngest have a complete 1-12 number set, while the older children have only the grades that they still need to complete in their binders.  Behind these tabs I am placing the copies of the lesson plans for the books/courses for that grade.  As I make out lesson plans I make a master copy and place it in a separate binder with my course of study for each grade and the lists of books required for each grade etc.  For my older children I copy the master lessons and put them in one of these (which I love).  They can date each lesson as they do it and it gives them some guidance.  Plus it makes it super easy for me to keep up on the grading. 

The older children also have a checklist of what is required of them (for example:  the high schoolers have a checklist of the required courses /credits needed to graduate).  And I am working on a required reading list which will they will also get in their report covers to check off the books as they read them.  Also the olders have a phys ed checklist where they can write in what they have done for phys ed each day.

I wish I had done this from day one, but I am so thankful that the Lord is guiding me to be better organized now.

God is so good!  Seeking him in every area of our lives is so important.  I wish that I would always remember that instead of strugging on my own like I tend to do.