Right now life is uncertain for us.  My husband is in jeopardy of losing his job.  So life is feeling scary to me right now.  Although I am praying and giving it over to the Lord, I keep snatching it back and trying to find a way out.  Some solution or try to imagine what will happen.  If my sweet husband loses his job, we are in a bad place.  Life won’t be fun.  Yes, life is uncertain for us.  I have to admit that I am scared.

But in reality, life is uncertain for everyone.  For the most part we live in denial, letting ourselves be lulled into a false sense of security.  Only when the veil is ripped away to reveal how fragile our lives really are do we see.  If only we could always be aware of how foolish it is to find our security in this world.  In our jobs, savings accounts or family/friends.  The only security is in the Lord.

So through this miserable situation I pray that I keep my eyes on Jesus and don’t let myself be distracted by the crashing waves.