Today I learned that you can use peanut butter to get old black sticky marks off of a dry erase board.  I was planning on getting rid of our dry erase board because it had these black lines on it all over from adhesive.  I had tried everything I could think of.  So I did a search on the net and came up with using peanut butter.  Amazingly it worked!  So now our white board is ready for much more use (and most likely abuse, lol).

I also learned today that you CAN totally clean and reorganize the worst room in the house in 100 degree heat while fighting nausea.  And you can succeed!  Our school room seems to end up also being the dump room for everything in the house.  So, today I cleaned up the “dump” and my second son helped me install a shelf to hold all my teacher’s manuals so that they can be in one place.  Thank you Moses 🙂 . 

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten my lesson plans for the week done and printed out.  Now I know that some of you super women are sitting there thinking, “Big deal!  Just stay up tonight when the kiddos are asleep and get them done”.  That sounds like a fabulous idea to me.  But I can tell you that I can count on one hand the times that I have been successful staying up late, and one of those times I was in active labor.  I just can’t stay up.  This is not fun for my poor dh as he loves to stay up late on the weekends.  So, tomorrow after dh leaves for work, but before the children wake up I will work on lesson plans and get everything I need printed out for the week.  I just don’t like starting the week that way.  It makes me feel like I am behind to start with and I get flustered.

Even though I’ll be starting school a little behind this week, I still can’t wait.  At least we can do our lessons in our school room instead of on my bed this week.