Sunday’s are my lesson planning days.  I have master lesson plans written for each subject, but every week I print out a copy of what each child will accomplish and a copy for me.  So today is my get the lessons together day. 

And I am behind once again on the laundry.  My excuse is that it has been so hot that I am doing good if I get only one load done in a day and that is not nearly enough to keep us ahead of the mountain.

After I accomplish my work I want to get 5 squares crocheted for the share a square program.  It’s a program where you crochet 6 inch squares and send them in.  Then they construct afghans for cancer children with them.  It’s a really great program and a wonderful way to declutter your yarn scraps with a purpose.  I am hoping to make 5 each day for the next 10 days so that I can make the first deadline which is in August (the 26th I think). 

I am also making 12 inch squares with my yarn leftovers and I will assemle them into a random crazy quilt type afghan once I have enough of them.  And also with my yarn scraps I plan to make some cube type laundry bag/basket thingies.  I found the pattern for those in Crochet Today magazine.  My goal for this year is to seriously declutter my yarn stash which consists mostly of scraps leftover from gifts that I have made.

I would love to have my yarn stash completely decluttered by the end of the year.  And have some cool projects to show for it 🙂 .

I have also been making scarves for the special olympics.  I don’t know how many I will get made this year, but I have 6 done so far.

Well, enough from me for today.  Hopefully I can locate my camera and take some pics of the things as I get them finished.  I’m sure the kids know where it is.  They always know where everything is.