Here is a quick idea to keep your yarn balls from unraveling in storage and getting tangled together.

First, wind your ball like you normally would.  But make a slipknot on the end leaving a tail that is long enough to pull through the ball (or almost long enough).  Thread tail onto a yarn needle.

Next insert the needle near the slipknot (make sure your ball is wound tight to the slipknot).

Then just pull the yarn through the ball so the tail is coming out the other side of the ball.  For a larger ball you might not be able to go straight through, you may needle to go at an angle.  Pull snug but make sure that you don’t pull the slipknot through.

You are finished and your ball is now secure for you to put in your scrap stash bin or bag!  The slipknot makes a pull tab for you to easily find and remove the tail from the ball.  I have heard other ideas, such as scotch tape, but I am too cheap to buy it for this and in our home scotch tape is used up quickly with crafts etc.

You can also make center pull balls, which I love!  Those are easy to do by leaving a tail of about 6 inches and then winding your ball leaving the front where the tail comes out open.  For those types of balls the scotch tape idea would be much better, lol.  I used to make center pull balls all the time, but for small scraps I just do normal balls and this way works good for me 🙂

I hope that this helps someone keep their scrap bag tidy!