God is so good!  For about a week I have had a troubling redness/swelling/pain on the shin  of one of my legs.  On Saturday my foot started to swell.  Well, this morning the swelling is down and the redness is much smaller!  Praise God!  I would appreciate your continued prayers for continued healing 🙂

I also feel so very blessed because my Miss Eden will be turning 3 two days after Thanksgiving.  Because she is born in November, she is my little pumpkin (and my lovebug, lol).  So I made her a little pumpkin for her birthday.  You know what is really funny?  Her favorite color is orange!  Out of my girls, she is the only one whose favorite color is orange.  Orange, can you believe it???

Okay, here is a pic of the little pumpkin.  His arms look like they aren’t put on even, but they are.  He just waved right when I took the picture 😉