Each year I create a planner to use for the next year.  Usually I go to all sorts of trouble and create exactly the pages that I want.  This year I just don’t have the umph to do that so I opted to use the Motivated Mom’s planner.  It’s a download that comes in different forms, such as daily, weekly, with daily scripture, without daily scripture and in two sizes.  These are downloadable to print yourself.  This year I am also changing how I keep track of my daily lists.  Normally I would use a huge binder.  But it’s frustrating to me when my binder gets knocked down and I have to put everything back.  In my home this seems to happen often.  I prefer to use a clipboard for my daily lists, so this year instead of a binder I am using a portable plastic file box.  I have all the categories from my binder, but no frustration from it falling and coming apart.  Plus I was able to print a full year’s worth of sheets.  I will just pull out a week’s worth at a time for my clipboard and I’ll be good to go.  So far it’s working wonderfully.

My box has tabs for:

  • Each month
  • Each of the children
  • Next year’s Christmas planner forms
  • Christmas tear file (to add fun ideas for the children for next year)
  • Crochet patterns (for the patterns that I am working on)
  • Recipes
  • Misc (for manuals etc)
  • Coupons

With a large family I think it’s important to change as your family changes.  To find ways that work for you, to run your home.  They may not be traditional ways, but if it works for your home than it’s right for you.  And for us for this year a simple file is what I think will make all of the difference.