Yesterday my oldest daughter and I went to see Warhorse with my mother and her husband.  It was a very good movie, but for sure bring the Kleenex if you see it.  I cried through the whole thing, as did my mother.  My daughter says that she didn’t cry, but she must have been seriously holding it in because that movie isn’t a tear jerker, it’s a no fail cry-er movie.  But a good movie.

I didn’t get my chores done yesterday because it was a long movie.  I somehow expected the chore fairie to appear and do my work for me.  But when I got home no fairie had appeared and my work was still waiting for me.  So today I get to do two day’s worth of work.  I am going to delegate a bunch of it for sure, lol.

I finished this hat and scarf set yesterday.  They will be going to my husband’s great-niece.  I really hope that she likes them.

They are both the same color, but my camera likes to change things up a bit.  Both patterns can be found at The Hook Hound or on Ravelry.