So yesterday I hunted all over the cities I live near.  That means I checked the two craft stores 😉 and was unsuccessful in finding the colors that I was interested in looking at in real life.  Color on my screen and color in real life don’t always match.  I was glad that I did look though, the Waverly yarn that I found, although not the colors that I was interested in, were all darker than I thought that they were.  That prompted me to look for another brand of yarn.  And the only brand that I could decide on colors turned out to Redheart Super Saver again.  It wasn’t just the color selection, it was that I just could not afford to spend $6 a skein for a different brand.  I’m sure that you can understand that.

So, these are the colors that I have chosen:  Soft White, Lt. Raspberry, Frosty Green, Petal Pink, Cafe.  I just picked up a skein of pink cammo and worked from that because those colors always turn out so pretty.  I cheated a bit.  Now I’m all ready and I can’t wait for the Bernat Crochet -Along to start.

I also joined the Wooleater CAL with Sarah London.  It’s such a cool design that I couldn’t resist.  I’ll start that one with scrap yarn. 

Since I have so many projects going at once I’ll use my system for keeping them organized.  I’ll assign each project a day of the week, I’ll keep one day free for projects that need more or I’m getting behind on.  That way I don’t feel overwhelmed or disorganized and I make progress on them all.