This past weekend has had me frazzled.  Lots of running around, two trips into town and a huge chore list.  This morning my faithful kitty woke me up just before 4.  He is so good about getting me out of bed.  During the craziness of making Christmas gifts for the children secretly in the mornings he woke me at 3.  But now he has adjusted and gets me up at 4 and sometimes he lets me sleep in until 5, lol.  Anyway, he got me up.  I enjoy the quiet of the mornings so much.  That is my time to actually think, lol.  During the craziness of the day there sometimes isn’t much time to actually think.  I was able to listned to my daily scripture on my ipod, and work on a more complicated crochet project.  I was also able to pull out next weeks Motivated Mom planner sheets and make notations on them, adding extras that I would like to do for each day. 

The still and the quiet gave me chance to listen to some praise songs and set my heart on my Love and Saviour.  Truly a blessing. 

Yes, at the end of this busy day I will be exhausted.  But even with that exhaustion, I can’t imagine not having my morning of quiet alone with the Lord. 

Thank you Lord for my cat and his determination to get me out of bed early every morning.  His irritating morning habits are a blessing in disguise for me.  Today Lord, help me to recognizing all of the blessings you provide.  Even those that are disguised as irritations.