This month finds up back to doing our regular schoolwork.  No lapbooks.  But next month I am planning on adding lapbooks again, but continuing our regular lessons too.  But this time we will work through them more slowly and I am going to let each of my girls pick a topic.  My oldest has chosen horses, which is wonderful because I was able to get that one free.  My next daughter wants to learn about owls, and my third daughter wants to learn all about dogs.  So those will be what we will be adding in next month.  I will just invest in a plastic file box this time for it.  Over the holidays we used a Costco size cereal box covered in duct tape.  But it didn’t hold up super well.  But two months of daily use is pretty good for cardboard.

Now, my littlest girl is only 3.  She will want to “do school” too.  We are already learning rhymes and letters.  And of course shapes and she knows colors.  But she wants real school, lol.  I think that I will do a Veggie Tales lapbook with her, but modify it down a bit. I think that she would love it!

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  I think I will pray over it for a few days before I make my choices.  This is also the time of year I start to plan my homeschool orders.  Lord, give me wisdom.