This year I am using the Motivated Moms planner.  I am really liking it.  The extra chores that it gives me to do are things that I normally never get to because I just don’t think about them.  For instance today I am supposed to clean the light fixtures in the bathrooms and clean out the toaster crumb tray.  There are a few other extra cleaning chores but they are more of a regular type like clean my purse.  I am feeling that if I am consistent with this than at the end of the year my home will be much cleaner.

For organizing I have assigned a certain room or rooms to each month of the year.  I have it worked out so it will repeat every six months meaning each room will have two months in the year.  This gives me a chance to deep clean and declutter every room in the house regularly.  So far this system is working great!  This month is the kitchen areas.  After this month my kitchen will be decluttered and organized.   And I am doing it by only scheduling one task a day.

I am so encouraged that maybe someday my home will be clean and sparkly once again even with my full house 🙂

I highly recommend Motivated Moms.  It truly seems to be motivating me, that along with lots of prayer.  They even have an app at the itunes store.  I am more of a pen and paper gal for my chore lists though so I choose to be low tech in this area, lol.