Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.

In Exodus, God sends Moses to Egypt to speak to Pharoah and to deliver the people of Israel from slavery.  At first Moses responds with buts and what ifs, he is afraid and feels inadequate for the job he is called to.  The Lord reassures him and he with Aaron go to Egypt and speak with Pharoah.  But Pharoah doesn’t give in.  Things get worse for the Israelites.  They grumble to Moses, and Moses asks God why.  We read the story in scripture and see the entire picture and can understand better.  But in the midst of it Moses couldn’t see what God had planned.  He had to walk in faith, and he asked why.

Sometimes in our lives the Lord promises us things.  Directions our life will go, certain dreams not realized.  We recieve the promise and think, “okay, things will be great now”.  But things get harder and we can’t imagine how that promise will come true.  But we must walk in faith.  Our Father sees the entire picture, He knows his plan and He remembers His promise.  He never said the path to that promise would be strewn with roses. 

So today, as you wait for the promise to come, remember that the path to it is usually filled with trials and persecution, but the gift in the end will be all the more sweet.  And today as I wait for the promise of His return, and as each day seems harder than the last, I want to keep my eyes on Him and His promise.  Because when I am finally with Him face to face, it will be all the sweeter.