I have said before that I have so many afghans that I am working on right now that Ican work on a different one each day of the week.  And that is what I have been doing.  Buuuut….nothing is getting finished very quickly.   So for this week I am going to try and work primarily on my round ripple and the wooleater.  I will also try to get in a few rows on the wedding afghan that I am making.

This past weekend was very busy.  It always seems that weekends are busy.  My husband is home and I am running errands for him and shopping.  Or going to family gathering events.  Life is busy on the weekends.  And then school days are busy in a whole other way.

This week will be my husbands first week with cut hours.  Hours that they cut because they said there isn’t enough work in the departments that he runs to keep him busy.  We are both laughing because he has tons of work this week and he won’t be able to get it all accomplished in the three days that they have him working.  I am pretty excited to have the love of my life home with me an extra day.

Well, I guess that I had better get back to lessons with my darlings and of course to my crochet 😉

You all have a wonderful day!