Recently I have been searching Ravelry’s database enjoying the thrill of looking at all the lovely patterns.  It’s a lot of fun, but hazardous to my bank account.  I saw the MOST beautiful pattern for a filet lighthouse afghan.  It was in a book.  A book that I didn’t own.  So, I found out what other patterns it had in it and found it for super cheap on and bought it.  I felt I HAD to have that afghan pattern.  Okay, so now your saying to yourself, “That’s bad but not BAD.  Why is she embarrassed?”.  That was only the beginning.

I kept searching, and I found a couple other books I NEEDED.  The perfect patterns for those special people that I know.  I HAD to get them.  Then I did something really dumb.  I started a thread on Crochetville asking what everyone’s favorite pattern books were.  A kind soul there directed me to a website where books can be purchased for a fraction of what you can get them elsewhere.  I was like a kid in a candy store, or a binge eater.  I ordered 5 books.  And lastly this morning I ordered a book off of Ebay.  So, I am awaiting the arrival of 10 books.  Now you can totally understand my embarrassment!

What came over me???  How on earth could this normally pretty frugal woman go nuts and splurge on all those books???  And the worst part?  I still check Ravelry daily to see what new patterns have been added to the database.  I think that I may need some sort of intervention.  And for sure I think that I will need a new bookcase.