This past week I didn’t work on my wooleater afghan at all.  I am now officially behind in the CAL.  And I’m afraid to say that I will end up much more behind.   This week starts the Bernat CAL, and I am eager to start.  Plus I have several wedding gifts to make and those are the priority over the wooleater and even over the Bernat CAL.  So I will probably lag behind on that too, lol.  Oh well.  at least I know what I’ll be working on this year.  And I was intending on adding more rounds to my wooleater than the CAL calls for, so I would be working on that for much longer than that CAL lasts.  So I am setting myself the goal of working on it an hour a day and then working on other projects too.  I can get so caught up in the goal that I forget to enjoy the process, and it becomes a drag.   So I am going to enjoy the process and rejoice every time I finish something.  I am going to stop turning it into “work”, lol.

That said, I am hoping to finish the first wedding afghan this week, by Tuesday.  That leaves only two more afghans to go as wedding gifts.  Then I can start working on Christmas things. 

This past week I was surprised to discover that  only two crochet afghans will keep me cozy warm at night.  Usually I use as many store-bought blankets as I can stacked to keep me warm.  But only two of my homemade blankets were enough.  That makes me feel pretty good.  I can’t wait until I can make more blankets for my own home to use.  They are so cozy 🙂