The Bernat CAL started today.  My bag of yarn has been waiting slightly impatiently for it to start.  The first clue was really simple.  So I was able to complete them all today.  Here is a picture of some of them:

The colors aren’t really true, the pink is lighter not as fuschia.  The colors are, RHSS soft white, cafe, lt. raspberry and frosty green.

I’m glad that this week’s clue was so easy.  I am behind a lot in the Wooleater CAL.  So I will finish off my daughters granny ‘ghan and then I will devote more time than the hour a day to the Wooleater and hopefully catch up a little. 

And now the house is getting quiet, and I really should pick up my hook and get to work.  But the quiet is so nice to just enjoy.  So for right now I’m going to smile and enjoy the calm.  And tomorrow, I will be busy with my hook.