Still no work on my wooleater, but I haven’t forgotten it!  It’s safely waiting for me in a Michael’s reusable shopping bag.   But since I don’t really need it until next fall/winter it’s okay.  The Bernat CAL is coming along great though.  I finished clue #4 and can’t wait to make this week’s clue.  Part of me thinks that we are now finished with our D color and another part of me feels like we will use it again. 

Here is a pic of clue# 4:


They came out with the center as x’s and not +’s.  I made my popcorns in the wrong stitch.  I don’t think it really matters.  I did make one the right way, just so I could know for sure what I did wrong.  And part of me wants to take them all out and make them the right way.  But I honestly don’t have time and nobody will know how they are supposed to be.  And they pretty much look the same.  So I am leaving them as is.  Different but not wrong.

I think I read on the forums that the CAL is  15 weeks long.  But there are only 8 segments in the CAL badge.  So I am pretty sure that there will be some clues lasting more than a week.  I’m not really sure, they are succeeding at keeping it a mystery!