This year I am in the process of making 12 afghans.  So I thought that I would share my progress here 🙂  As I finish them I will share them.  The first one is for me and I love it.  It’s the first afghan that has been just for me that I have ever made.  I think I shared a pic of it earlier but here it is again.

I have many afghans planned for this year and am really loving making them.  They are great gifts and with my family of 9, I can always use another blanket, lol.  For this afghan I used a free pattern from Michael’s but different colored yarn.  The pattern sheet called for the big skeins of yarn, but that is a typo, it really means the regular size skeins.   Also, I completed the correct number of rounds, but mine came out to be 88″ in diameter, not 70″ as the pattern sheet said.  I never bothered to check guage with it.