I have tried may different types of hook cases.  The folder type, the roll type, a thingie that rolled up and the hooks slid between the rolls and stood on end, a thing I crocheted that goes over a coffee mug and has pockets, and a plastic box.  The folder type and roll type I just didn’t really like.  Not my cup of tea.  The doohickie roll thing, worked really well, but slid off anywhere it was set with help from my sweeties.  So what I actually use and like is a plastic beading box from Walmart that cost $4-5 and the coffee mug thing that I crocheted.  The coffee mug thing holds all of my extra and odd sized hooks.  The ones I don’t use often, the Q and duplicates.  The plastic box holds everything that I use regularly.  It holds my scissors, tape measure, stitch markers, eyes for amigurimi, buttons and my earbuds for when I want to work in the wee hours of the morning and watch something on the computer without disturbing the house.  I can pop the box into any project bag and take it with me.  It works perfectly.

What have you found that works perfectly for you?