Okay, I have been sick, sick, sick all week long and I’m late with CAL Wednesday.  So sorry.  This week on the Bernat CAL they revealed the design.  Totally not my cup of tea.  I don’t feel symmetry with it at all.  But instead of trying a different design I am making it as is, and I have 5 rows finished.  Hopefully the border will make it pop, but I’m having my doubts since on the Bernat Forums they said the border will only take most of one skein of the main color.  That tells me it isn’t going to be much of a border.  So, this won’t end up as a Christmas gift for someone.  That makes me sad, but my 11 year old daughter really likes it because of the colors so I’m going to give it to her.  If you have seen the design you will see what I mean by no symmetry.  There is more of the main color in the top left corner and it isn’t balanced out on the bottom.  I kind of like the concept of the three “flowers” but the design around them needed to be different for it to work for me.  A CAL member posted a design with a four “flower” cluster in the center and then the afghan built out from that that is really pretty.  So the lack of symmetry and the floppity-ness of the final octogon makes this not an afghan I would have ever chosen at all. 

Now all that said, I have had a good time with the mystery part.  That is so much fun!  I loved waiting all week for the next clue.  If only they would have a panel of Bernat employee’s choose which pattern will be made instead of it seems only one person.  I say that because the general consensus on the forums is negative about the pattern which means it was definately not a pattern chosen by a majority vote.  It makes me feel really awful for the designer.  The comments on this pattern would sting me if I designed it.  If a pattern that had more mass appeal had been chosen then this wouldn’t be as big of an issue.

Hopefully for future CAL’s Bernat will choose more carefully.