Tomorrow my girls and I are going to a bridal shower.  For fun I came up with the idea to make a “Recipe for a Successful Marriage” box.  The idea is to decorate an index card box and then hand out index cards to guests and have them write their best marriage advice on the cards.  The bride and groom can gain advice and probably have some laughs reading the cards.  To do this we went the only store in our town that would carry the needed index card box.  Since this was last minute I wasn’t able to get to a craft store for a pretty box.  We had to make do with what our store had.  Our store had two options a $10 model that was kind of cool looking but not feminine at all, and a $2 model that also wasn’t feminine and was not cool looking.  The $2 model won out because honestly I couldn’t afford the pricier model right now.  We picked up 3 packages of $1 stickers and some index cards and took our treasures home.  Oh, we also picked up a package of ink pens.  We’ll get to the pens later.

My oldest daughter and I took our stickers and decorated the box.  We bought stickers that coordinated with her wedding colors which are red, black and white.  Then we popped the package of index cards into the box.  Here it is all finished.


Now for the pens.  For a quick party favor I used this pattern to crochet flowers to top these pens.  I used her wedding colors once again. 

And finally I will be taking dishcloth/scrubby sets for guest gifts.  I had them already made so I thought that they would make nice little gifts.  The index card box and pens I only thought of last night.  So I made them all up today.  Considering how last minute we did these, my girls and I think they all came out great.  Quickie ideas are sometimes some of the cutest and best 🙂