The cloth that I made this week comes from the book Dishcloths in the Round.  There are 17 patterns in the book and all of them are really pretty. The book is pretty inexpensive and I know that I will use these patterns again and again.  I made #5 for this week in a lavendar color.  I was unaware that the skein I picked up was a scented yarn, the scent is actually pretty strong when you work with it.  If I were to buy it again I would choose a different scent.  The lavendar smelled like soap although I am sure they were trying for a lavendar scent, which I am not keen on anyway.  Hopefully the soapy scent goes away over time.  I also made the matching scrubby for it using Suzetta’s pattern.  I gave the petals picots so that it would match the cloth better.

And since I promised a free pattern each week.  Here is a pretty free pattern to try:  Round N Ridgy Dishcloth.  This pattern looks really neat and I think the ridges would make it wonderful for scrubbing!