Yepthis is dishcloth Monday.  However, I did not get a dishcloth made.  This week was a crazy busy week.  Then on Friday my cousin got married and my girls were flower girls.  Then on Saturday I went into town and stood in line for 3-1/2 hours to buy solar viewers to watch the eclipse with the children.  I forgot sunscreen so I am a nice shade of red right now.  You know, it makes me look a little more youthful, lol.  And at 41 that is kind of nice.  Anyway, I never had the umph to start a new dishcloth/scrubby set. 

I did finish a set of hats that I was making.  I will share the pattern that I used, but I honestly don’t reccomend it.  It had some issues and not enough instruction, especially if you are not an experienced crocheter.  And it left out instruction for the braids completely.  Not a biggie, but still not a super pattern.  The hats turned out cute though 🙂  The pattern is called Hello Kitty Crochet Hat (Ravelry link). 

This is my daughter modeling it.  She was one of the flower girls on Friday and she did a wonderful job.  Now she is doing a fabulous job modeling this hat 😉

There are other Hello Kitty hats out there and I would suggest doing a search and trying a different pattern than this one.

So, next week I will have another dishcloth/scrubby set to share.  This week should be much more calm.  The only big thing going on this week is putting in a small lawn in the back yard.  And with 7 children, that doesn’t take much work from me at all.