Our finances have gotten very tight.  I am trying to be much more frugal and budget more carefully (meaning, I must use my yarn stash and not buy more, lol).  I have recently realized that even though I don’t spend money on expensive things or lots of clothes or shoes etc. I still have a long way to go in learning to spend our money wisely.  In my quest for learning I have come across the envelope system of budgeting.  This system is recommended by Dave Ramsey and Crown Financial.  I have in the past used the system with a cash organizer from Crown Financial that was okay, but it was ugly and the envelopes were flimsy paper.  Not meant for long term durability.  More recently I had been making cute paper envelopes and putting them inside of a wallet designed to hold coupons.  It was sturdy and not bad looking, but it was heavy and bulky and I didn’t like digging in the envelopes to see how much I had (yes I tend to be a bit lazy).  Anyway recently I found a shop on Etsy through another blog (A bowl full of lemons) that sells various items to make using a cash envelope system so much easier!  I bought a cute Divide-It Wallet along with a matching coin pouch and I love it!  When I first received them I thought they were maybe a bit flimsy.  But after using them I really love them.  I put the coin pouch into the back of the wallet behind all the dividers and it holds my driver’s license (I added the clear window add-on to it) and my 3 most used cards such as Costco, my bank card etc., and any coins so that they aren’t loose all over the place.  I also added some extra dividers so that it was more what I needed.  It is lightweight and wonderful to use.  So easy and it is much sturdier than I originally thought it was.  Here is mine, isn’t it cute?

 photo e12b039a-a6c3-4d06-9f90-c4266a261b3a_zps4a8df059.jpg

I also ordered a second one to help with Christmas budgeting.  Yes, I know I’m getting a late start, but better late than never.  We won’t have much money for Christmas but at least there will be something saved.  I ordered extra dividers for the Christmas one also so that each wallet has 9 dividers in it.  I LOVE Christmas-y things, so having one that is Christmas colors me smile. 😀

 photo 51e3b4e0-9725-4fab-bbf7-e16f36ded2d5_zpsaef30468.jpg

Melissa also makes card holders, small wallets for kids and a really neat budgeting wallet for kids with a section for saving, spending, and giving.  Really cute!  She also has a Carry-It-All wallet that is very cool.  It includes a cell phone pocket, zipper coin pouch, two Divide-It wallets, 4 card slots and a wrist carry strap.  I would love to buy one for my sister as I know she would just love it!  The Carry-It-All wallet is listed the first of every month in limited quantities so that she can keep up with all of her other orders.

 photo da90b6ec-4067-4ba9-9387-9d8c455283c7_zpsacc4535a.jpg

I am very happy with both of my wallets.  Now to exercise discipline and not borrow from the different categories when one runs out 😉

If this is something that you think might help you, Melissa’s blog is a time 4 everything and her store is at Etsy here.