I have dieted.  I have lost.  I have gained.  I have lost again. And gained again.

I have had a hard time staying on a diet.  I do great for a while and then life happens, I get overwhelmed and the first thing that I drop is the diet.   This time I have decided to do it differently.  I am going to change one meal at a time.  I am going to loosely follow weight watchers. I’m giving myself permission to lose the weight slowly.  This time I want permanent sustainable changes.  I want it to feel more natural so when life happens I won’t drop it.  Below is my before picture, with my super slender son giving me rabbit ears, lol.

My first step this week has been to eat the same thing for breakfast every day.  A mini bagel with cream cheese and yogurt.  This works to about 360 calories or 8 points+.  I am eating the same thing every day so it becomes a habit.  And to help break my bondage to my taste buds and cravings. I am sure that I won’t eat this every day forever but for now and for next week this is my plan.  For this week this is the only change that I am making.  I don’t expect any drop in the scale this week.  Not with just this one change.  But I am trying to look at the big picture long term and not right now.  I am asking the Lord to guide me in this and I’m not excitedly starting another “diet” only to fizzle out.

Now for the humbling truth, I need to lose 92-93 pounds.  That would put me at 130.  Each week on Wednesday I will weigh in and list my stats at the bottom of the post.

8/28/13- 222.5