I created a new form to better control my regular daily chores.  It has a simplified list of the basic daily chores that need to be done to keep us out of total chaos on the left side, along with a place to write in this week’s dinner menu.  And the right hand side has a list of weekly chores and the day’s focus.  Also in the right column is a place for appointments and extras.  And I added a cute graphic so that I can place some post-its there and not cover anything important.  At the top of the form I put the zones so that I can just highlight which zone I’m on for the week.  It’s based on Large Family Logistics along with A Slob Comes Clean.  Here is a pic of it:

 photo IMG_20130903_4_zpsffcd1d29.png

Cute and simple 🙂

And I found a super cute grocery list here.

 photo IMG_20130903_5_zps4c9a2185.png

Both of these forms, along with printed calendars and an occasional crochet pattern go on/in my clipboard.  Also in my clipboard are a pencil, highlighter, the week’s recipes and the focus area cleaning cards.  Simple and functional.  And not bulky like a binder, perfect for me.

How do you keep your home under control?