I ate terribly Thu-Sun, so guess what I didn’t lose a thing.  And because I had too much sodium I am retaining a ton of water.  There is NO way I can get my wedding ring off, lol.  So I actually am carrying an EXTRA pound and a half this morning.  I would be in tears but I spent those days away from home and eating junky fast food.  No surprise that I’m up.  I’m encouraged that it is mostly just water weight because of the swelling so we will see.

I will continue to eat my yogurt and bagel for breakfast and I will try to add in a lighter lunch for this week.  I’m planning on trying to keep my lunch to a salad and a string cheese this week.  So the breakfast and the lunch are the only changes that I am going to make this week.  I will continue to not worry about what the scale says for now.  My first goal is to learn to eat better.

So here are my stats so far:

  • 8/28/13:   222.5
  • 9/4/13:     224 (not good)