The past two weeks have been crazy for me.  I was out of town 7 out of the past 14 days.  While my husband made sure the dishes were mostly maintained and the house picked up, many things did not get done.  Laundry.  Yard work.  Bathroom maintenance.  So, I am busily trying to catch up.  In the process of trying to catch up I went out into the back yard to water the lawn.  I took a quick peek at the yard and discovered that in just two weeks there are weeds 2 feet tall in the doggie yard.  The plants are drying out and wilting from sporadic watering and the gifts the doggie leaves in the yard have multiplied dramatically.  In other words it is more of a mess than usual, lol.

This got me to thinking about my children.  If I am unavailable to my children because I am busy or just not there, things can turn into a mess rather quickly.  Weeds of bad attitudes can grow quickly.  And there are so many other weedy things that can thrive when Mom and Dad aren’t paying close enough attention.

I have to confess that my youngest needs a LOT of pruning and mommy attention, she has some tough weeds.

As I work on bringing order back to my yard, I will remember that having an orderly yard is nice, tending the garden of my children is so much more important and yields much better fruit.

And you know what?  I also realized exactly how much I do around here.   I tend to think I don’t do much at all around here because it seems I’m always behind and there is always so much more to do.  But seeing all of things undone around here was really an eye-opener.  I do more than I give myself credit for.