Life has been crazy busy and my blog has once again suffered.  I spent last year crafting like crazy to do a craft fair in the fall.  That went very well, so I opened an Etsy shop.  Through the final months of last year and the first one or two months of this year I was very busy with the shop and trying to keep up with our home school.  Now things have slowed down a little bit and I am crafting at a slower rate while I work on plans for our school year.  It is nice to be able to slow down and take the time to actually design a thing or two.  Although, I did notice today that my shop is not as full of inventory as I would like.

The past couple weeks have been busy with extended family medical issues.  So much to pray for and take to the Lord.  And a lot of time spent away from home.  I always feel so behind when I get home, and I don’t know where to start to get back into the groove of our life.  I guess maybe I’m looking at it wrong, and these types of things that through me off are actually part of the groove.

We added a new pet to our household.  A little Chihuahua.  I have never been a fan of the breed before now, my desire was actually a tiny Yorkie, but this little guy needed a home.  We tend to adopt all of our pets from a shelter.  He is a super sweetie and a total cuddler.  We are all enjoying him.  He is currently sitting next to me with the hiccups, lol.

 photo IMAG1940_zps5koebefm.jpg  photo IMAG1924_zps3xtw3l5z.jpg